Want to Give Your Bathroom a Cheap, New Look?

Tips from a Professional Bathroom Remodeler for DIY Makeovers

Doing a DIY bathroom remodel can be one of the most rewarding projects a homeowner can attempt; however, it can also be the most difficult and expensive too. The best place to begin a DIY bathroom remodel will be with a budget. Think about how much is reasonable enough to spend on such a job and what needs to be remodeled in priority order. This will dictate what materials to chose, and which parts of a bathroom are to be renovated. Whenever possible, try not to move any of the plumbing, this will ensure a bathroom is not out of commission for weeks or even months.

If a small budget is of concern during a DIY bathroom remodel, it is an excellent idea to maybe think about refinishing, refurbishing, or resurfacing existing components, instead of replacing them entirely. The likes of toilets, sinks and bathtubs could be refurbished rather of replaced, cutting costs down greatly. However, if components have to be replaced, it is a good idea to purchase new ones that are made from more durable and attractive materials, as this means they will last longer and remain in style for many years to come. This also will reduce any maintenance and repair once the renovation is finished.

Two of the most vital factors when doing a DIY bathroom remodel, as any professional bathroom remodeler will tell you, are lighting and ventilation. Poorly ventilated bathrooms lead to build-up of mold and mildew, and wood components found within the bathroom are more open to rot. Think about installing windows, fans, or air exchangers to make sure moisture does not happen due to shower steam or leaks from faucets or pipes. A bathroom needs to be also well lit, and fixtures should be protected from moisture. A light above the shower is crucial, as is lighting above a vanity and mirror too.

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